45 Million Euro Investment For Castro Marim Golf And Country Club

"castro marim golf news"A much needed economic boost has been announced for the Eastern Algarve with a new project worth 45 million euros being unveiled for the Castro Marim Golf and Country Club.

A new project with investment of 45 million euros has been announced for the Castro Marim Golf and Country Club and the director of the company responsible for the works has now met with the President of the local Câmara to discuss the project and what it means for the future of the area.

Details of the project were discussed at the meeting between Francisco Amaral and Ricardo Cipriano with the conditions for the investment made clear.

One of the main priorities of the project has been revealed as being the development of the Monte Francisco area of Casto Marim which first began in 1998.  This area and the Beliche reservoir is to be used to capture local water to then be used to irrigate the golf course.

According to the Portuguese news agency Lusa, the water irrigation project was said to be a reality in the very near future and was described at the meeting as being “essential to the future of the overall project”.

One of the issues discussed at the meeting was the number of tourist beds available ion the area with those behind the investment looking to increase the number of beds in Castro Marim as a basis for “expanding and optimising the investment in the venture”.

Already the Castro Marim Golf and Country Club is the largest tourism project in the country and represents the largest investment in the local area and tourism industry of Castro Marim.  IN total the investment that the tourist development has made in the local are has been 80 million euros and it is one of the primary employers in the area.

In the low season 80 jobs to local people are provided at the Castro Marim Golf and Country Club while in the summer time this number increases dramatically.

The president of Castro Marim Câmara said that “sustainable investments” in the tourism sector i n the local area should be “encouraged and supported by the local authorities”.

The lack of investment in any form of industry in the Algarve over recent years has seen the region fall into economic problems, however the announcement of new investors returning to the region shows that the economic downturn could be starting to reverse with possible excellent results for the entire region and the people who live and work here.




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