A22 Toll Protests Today In The Algarve

"algarve toll protest"Campaigners against the tolls on the A22 motorway in the Algarve will today come together for a protest along the EN125.

The protesters will be led by the Commission of Users of the Via do Infante (A22) and will be holding the protest this afternoon in the Algarve as a signal to the Portuguese government to withdraw the tolls that are on place on the Algarve motorway.

The protest will involve drivers travelling at very slow speeds along the En125 from Altura in Castro Marim  to Tavira with drivers setting off from Altura at around 5.30pm.

The slow protest against the tolls on the A22 motorway is expected to cause long delays on the En125 which is used by many as the free alternative to the A22 motorway.

This is one of several new forms of civil protest against the tolls that the commission have organised throughout the summer.

During the summer months the Algarve sees a huge influx of visitors with many coming to the regino by car from other parts of Portugal, Spain and further afield.  Many of these people choose to avoid the A22 because it adds an extra cost to a holiday which for many is already difficult to afford due to the economic situation facing many people across Europe.

The increase in visitors means that the EN125 in the summer becomes hugely busy, especially around peak times when there can be long delays at busy intersections including around Vilamoura, Lagoa and Albufeira.

By staging the protest against the tolls on the En125 it is hoped that many more people will be altered to the cause and will join the commission in petitioning the government to remove the tolls on the A22.

Other protests in the Algarve this summer will see camping on the beaches of Manta Rota and Aldeia da Coelha during the first two weeks of August as this is when the Prime Minister and the President of Portugal will be in these areas and the protesters want to make sure that Pedro Passos Coelho and Cavaco Silva know that they are considered to be “personas non gratas” in the region thanks to their implementation of the tolls along with other austerity measures that have left the Algarve region crippled with high levels of unemployment.

While the majority of people who use the tolls pay to do so, there are at least 19 percent of all the road users on the A22 who fail to pay their tolls which amounted to €30.6 million in uncollected tolls and fines.


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