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"Albufeira Car Hire"The old town of Albufeira is a typical little fishing village in the central of the Algarve. This town is some 2,000 years old and it was the first town in the Algarve that was converted to tourism in the 1960′s. The picturesque village of Albufeira has a lot to offer. You can visit the market stalls, there are a lot of nice shops, bars, restaurants and usually a lot of activity around and about in the narrow, cozy streets.

Since the 1960s, the village has spread upwards and outwards to become one of the most popular holiday destinations of the Algarve. Albufeira is very easy to reach with your rental car from the Albufeira car hire.

Albufeira most well known for its beautiful beaches, which are internationally renowned. The sand is extremely fine and soft and is pure white, which looks stunning set against the turquoise blue water of the sea. The area is sheltered by giant red cliffs, which only adds to the beauty of the region. In fact, the landscape here is so beautiful that it will quite literally take your breath away.

If you want to have an unforgettable vacation experience, than it is highly recommended that you take a trip to the Albufeira coast.

While all of Albufeira is certainly beautiful, Falésia has to be one of the most beautiful locations here, and that is thanks in part to the endless beach of Falésia. This beach is fringed by pine trees and the red colors of the many surrounding cliffs makes quite a striking apperance. While sitting on the beach here, you may as if you are a thousand miles away from anywhere. If you take advantage of an Albufeira car hire, there are excellent parking conditions in this area, which will allow you to easily explore the area.

Olhos D’agua is another beautiful picturesque beach that sheltered by many brilliant colored red cliffs.

Santa Eulália is yet another very large beach in the area that is also protected by reddish cliffs. There are also excellent parking conditions here, so parking your rental car from the Albuferia car hire will be quite easy.

Praia da Oura is a popular beach that very close to  the famous new city center of Albufeira, which is also known as  “The Strip.”  At The Strip, you will many national and international restaurants, shops, bars, and discos.

Dos Aveiros is yet another beach in the area. This beach is excellent for scuba diving.

The Fishermen’s Beach is the famous beach that is right in front of the old city center of Albufeira. The local fishing boats dock here every day to unload their daily catch.

São Rafael Beach is a big beautiful beach that sheltered by many big, beautiful rocks.

Castelo Beach is a beach that features some truly astounding natural beauty. This beach is sheltered and flanked by low cliffs and rocks that add to the beauty of this area.

Praia da Coelha Beach is a beach that has lots of coves that are protected by rock formations.

Galé Beach is split into two beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. Each of the beaches are here flanked by colorful cliffs.

Salgados Beachh is located right in front of the Salgados Golf Course.

Praia Grande is a rather long beach that lies between Salgados and Armação de Pera. Because of the endless miles of secluded beach here, this beach is a favorite among those who wish to bear it all.

All of the above mentioned beaches have excellent conditions to park your rental car from the Albufeira car hire. The coast of Albufeira is excellent location to enjoy many different types of water sports, including windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing. But the Algarve is also a paradise for those who like to play tennis, go horse  back riding and golf.

Albufeira car hire hopes you will enjoy your stay.

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