Albufeira Car Rental

"Albufeira Car Rental"The picturesque Albufeira is about 40 km west of the Faro Airport  and it will take you about half an hour to reach with your hire car from the Albufeira car rental, via the high way IP1.

Albufeira is perhaps most famous for its beautiful beaches. The sandy beaches are sheltered by lots of colorful and spectacular rocks and cliffs.

The Old Town of Albufeira is a nice place to stroll around, especially in the morning when it is yet quiet, or in the evening when it comes alive. It is very pleasant to order your favorite drink while sitting at one of the many terraces that are scattered around Albufeira, from which you can watch the world go by. The best transportation in Albufeira is with a car from the Albufeira car rental service.

Albufeira has everything to offer for an unforgettable stay. Golden beaches sheltered by rocks and cliffs with innumerable shapes and colors; crystal clear blue waters, as well as shops, restaurants, bars and cafés. This is the place to be for just relaxing, and it is also a great place to be if you are looking for adventure. People who live here feel as if they are on constant holiday, and many people flock to the area to enjoy a relaxing and restful holiday. If you travel here, you can enjoy sunbathing or sightseeing during the day and in the evening, you can enjoy the bars and discotheques that enliven the night time hours.

In Albufeira, you can be sure to enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled time. Here, you can find numerous bars, clubs and discotheques which will entice you with an inviting atmosphere. It is also suggested that you explore the area around Albufeira, the beautiful Algarve, which is certainly worth a visit. In order to discover all of the Algarve’s beauty, you will need to have your own transportation and Albufeira car rental service is simply the best way.

There are many Albufeira attractions, including an aquarium, which is a perfect for a great day out with all the family. This aquarium does not only offer regular animal shows, but also a fairground, swimming pool, play area and restaurants. In this huge location, you will find plenty of places to picnic. You may examine various fish and aquatic birds, as well as different species of marine mammals that are on display. The aquarium is an excellent replicas of the beautiful and modern aquariums found in all World Tourism Centres. The animals held in this aquarium are meticulously cared for and displayed in natural surroundings. On exhibit, youwill find seals, dolphins, marine lions, turtles, crocodiles, sharks, ducks, parrots, flamingos and cockatoos.

Slide and Splash is another attraction that offers many fun-filled things to do. At this water fun park, you will find lots of slides, tubes and rapids to keep the whole family happy for the entire day. There are plenty of grassy areas for sunbathing or enjoying a snack from the cafe. It is very easy to reach with your hired car from the Albufeira car rental, and there are good conditions to park your rental car.

Drive just a few miles inland with your hire car of Albufeira car rental, and everything changes. Time seems to move back about 100 years in this area. Old and picturesque villages settled between green hills and sandy streets are what can be seen here. The green of the countryside is dotted with fig, almond, orange and pine trees. Decorated chimneys stand out against the beauty of tiled roofs. Bucolic villages invite you to experience a way of life rooted in the tranquility of nature. Exploring the old town will certainly add another dimension to your holiday in the Algarve.

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