"Portugal car rental - Albufeira"Albufeira was called the ‘sea castle’ by the Moorish (“Al-Buhera”, VIII century designation.) The narrow streets, the old castle and the white houses with arches that can still be seen here are a symbol of the five centuries of Arab presence in the region.

Today, progress has turned Albufeira into a city that is popular for tourism and leisure, but the city still holds the picturesque appeal of whitewashed houses from yesteryear. On the beach, the bright colors of the fishing boats contrast with the blue of the sea. Indifferent to the tourists sunbathing nearby, the fishermen carry on the task of mending and preparing their nets, as they have done for hundreds of years.

A walk by the sea will offer you a magnificent view of the city, the beaches and the cliffs, which are part of the charm of Albufeira. The sidewalk leads to the pretty cave at Xorino, where, according to the local tradition, the Moors took refuge when the town was reconquered by the Christians in the 13th century.

Albufeira is famed for its beaches and for the countless shades and tones of its rocks and cliffs. This is a place where people live their lives as if they are constantly on a great holiday destinations, sunbathing during the day and at sunset flocking to enjoy the restaurants, bars and discos that liven up the night time hours. Head just a few miles inland and everything changes. The green of the countryside is dotted with almond, fig, orange and pine trees and decorated chimneys stand out against the ochre of tiled roofs.

Bucolic villages invite you to experience a way of life rooted in the traquility of nature, to add another dimension to your holiday. Nightlife, sunshine, beaches and lots and lots of spirited people are just some of the guaranteed features of Albufeira. Here, you will truly feel as if you are on a magnificent holiday. As the sun goes down, you can meet others who are on holiday at the many discos, restaurants and bars.

Things to See

The Church of São Sebastião on Praça Miguel Bombarda has an impressive Manueline doorway. From here, Rua 5 de Outubro leads through a tunnel to the beach. At Praia dos Barcos, you can see Albufeira’s colorful fishing boats and the fishermen unloading fish or mending their nets. Nearby, the small sandy coves around Albufeira are surrounded by high sandstone cliffs, providing shade in summer and protection against the wind in winter. The most important satellite developments are situated to the east of Albufeira, including Montechoro, Areias de São João and Oura, where there is a density of hotels, bars, restaurants and discotheques.

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