Algarve A22 Tolls Seen As Unsustainable

"algarve news a22 toll"Concerns are growing over whether the company responsible for the collection of tolls on the A22 toll road in the Algarve will be able to continue as the company struggles to meet costs with fewer users driving on the road and many people failing to pay their toll fees.

According to reports the chairman of EP Portugal, the company responsible for the tolls on the A22, António Ramalho, has said that he is worried about the sustainability of the company as a whole.

Last month António Ramalho spoke of how anyone travelling on the A22 without an electronic device and failing to pay the toll actually ends up costing the company as much in tracking them down and getting them to pay the fine as the fine itself.

he told press that he found the system to be “unsustainable” and added that he hoped that it would not continue to be this way for the recovery of tolls.  However he conceded that if the system, which clearly isn’t working, continues that there will not be enough money to be able to maintain the road system in Portugal.

At the moment nearly 30 percent of all the money raised through the tolls on motorways across the country are used to pay for administrative fees and because of this António Ramalho is promising reform of the system.

Municipal elections in Portugal will be taking place in October so it is believed that changes could be brought in before this to help charm voters.

The number of people actually using the SCUT toll roads, including the A22 in the Algarve, has fallen year on year since the tolls were introduced.

The number of users of SCUT roads in 2012 was down by an enormous 74 percent compared to the previous year which prompted many people to question the sustainability of tolls on a road that people basically don’t use.

This year the number of toll road users is expected to fall again with no sign form EP Portugal or the government as to how to turn the situation around.

In the Algarve the high levels of unemployment, reductions in wages and decreased budget of many people who come on holiday to the region has all added to the problems of the tolls in the region as many people simply cannot afford to pay for the luxury of using the road.

Many people who do use the toll roads do not pay the tolls and the loss in revenue amounted to more than €30 million last year alone to EP Portugal.

In the Algarve the number of cars now using the EN125 instead of the A22 has gone up by around 3,000 cars each day and while this has been positive for many of the businesses on the road the number of serious accidents and deaths on the road has also increased leading to protesters calling for the tolls to be scrapped in the Algarve.

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