Algarve Beach Safety Promoted By the Smurfs

"smurf-beach-algarve"The summer season in the Algarve sees thousands of people flocking to the beaches to enjoy the soft sands and gentle waves, however beach safety is always an issue and this year the characters of the Smurfs will be taking to the beaches in the Algarve and across Portugal to promote safety on the beaches.

The initiative has been launched by the Blue flag association in partnership with Columbia TriStar Warner who will be releasing the second Smurf film at the start of August.

In total 30 beaches across Portugal in the Algarve, Porto, Lisbon and Setúbal regions will now have new signage promoting safety on the beaches featuring the characters from the Smurfs as they appear in the new film and it is hoped that these eye catching signs will help to encourage beach goers of all ages to be responsible o the beaches this summer.

André Taxa, the marketing director for Columbia TrStar Warner said: “The Smurf characters are very popular and are enjoyed by people of all ages but especially children.  We decided that because the characters are so well known that we should take advantage of this notoriety to convey a message of good practices on the beaches while also promoting the upcoming release of the new Smurf film.”

He added. “We want to be able to promote the spirit of the Smurfs and to be able to advise children that they should never forget to respect their environment just as the Smurfs do.”

The signs are easy to spot thanks to the bright blue used and ask beach goers to clean up their litter and place it into the proper bins to keep the beach clean; to be careful in the sun and to wear sun screen at all times; to be safe on the beach and to follow the instructions of the flags and when to swim: and to play sport on the beach but only in the designated areas to allow everyone to enjoy the beach and to respect others.

In the Algarve the new Smurf beach safety signs can be found on the beaches of Luz and Meia Praia in Lagos, on Ferragudo beach in Lagoa, on the beaches of Galé Oeste, Galé, São Rafael, Falésia/Alframar and Rocha Baixinha in Albufeira, on Faro beach, Armona and Fuseta beach in Olhão, Cabanas beach in Tavira and on Monte Gordo beach in Vila Real de Santo António.

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