Algarve Fire In Aljezur Now Under Control

"algarve forest fire"A fire was had raged through the Aljezur area of the Algarve is now under control according to press reports.

The fire was reported to have started in the Chabouco area of Aljezur on Saturday afternoon at around 2.30pm.

Members of the Bombeiros fire fighting service tackled the fire for around 12 hours and it was finally deemed to be under control by 2.30am on Sunday morning.

The fire was in an area of forest land where there was a lot of dead undergrowth on the floor.  In this area there was also a large amount of eucalyptus and this was also burnt during the fire this weekend in the Algarve.

The fire did not affect any property in the area and only left forest and vegetation burnt.

In total this fire in the Aljezur area of the Algarve required 160 fire fighters and a further 50 operational vehicles to get it under control.

Over the weekend the whole of mainland Portugal has been experiencing a heat wave with temperatures going higher than 40ºC especially in the Alentejo and Tagus valley areas of Portugal.

The heat wave has been caused by an anticyclone which stretches from eastern Europe all the way to the Bahamas with the centre of the weather system lying in Brittany.

The heat wave in Portugal is expected to continue on for a few more days with exceptionally high day time temperatures across the country and night temperatures only falling to lows of 20ºc.

The high temperatures in Portugal have increased the fire risk across the country while in the Algarve there have also been strong winds which have helped to cool the temperatures but have only increased the risk of fires in the region.

Residents and visitors alike are being asked to vigilant when it comes to protecting the Algarve from fire and to report any signs of a fire as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading too far, too fast.

If you are in Portugal during this heat wave then warnings are also being given by the authorities to keep out of the sun during the hottest ties of the day – between midday and 3pm and to then always try to seek shade, wear sun protection and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

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