Algarve Health Service Under Fire

"algarve hospital news"The Algarve public health service has come under fire by politician Jerónimo de Sousa with the general secretary of the PCP party criticising the degradation of the health service in the region.

The Algarve has been known for years as a premier destination for family holidays and luxury getaways but in recent years a new form of health tourism has been increasing in the Algarve with new private hospitals being created to meet these needs, however the public health service sector has failed to keep up with improvements due to a serious lack of funding.

The PCP politician spoke at a rally in Faro to state that not only are the public hospitals in the Algarve suffering from a lack of doctors and nurses but that they also have very little in the way of medical resources to be able to best treat patients in the region.

The situation facing the Algarve hospitals is seen by Jerónimo de Sousa  as a direct example of the Portuguese government telling lies about its plans for the future.

Portuguese Prime Minister Pedo Passos Coelho has just been re-elected for a third term as the head of his political party and upon being elected with an 88 percent majority he noted that the future economy of Portugal is not yet secure.  He added that the county would continue to feel the pinch despite the economic bailout due to come to an end in June.

But these statements were not accepted by Jerónimo de Sousa  who stated that he felt that the situation facing the hospitals in the Algarve reflected the poor management of the county by the ruling PS party.

The Algarve region of Portugal has been one hit very hard by the economic situation in Portugal as a whole with the region experiencing some of the highest unemployment levels in the county and falling levels of tourist numbers in recent years only compounding the problem.

However, it looks like the Algarve may be turning a corner with new statistics pointing to the return of tourists from key markets in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Holland and increases in passengers passing through the airport of the region based in Faro.

While some aspects of the Algarve appear to be improving, other areas, such as the public hospitals and investment in health care, appear to still be suffering and it will be a long road before the region and Portugal as a whole can be considered to have fully recovreed from the global economic meltdown that it has been feeling the effects of since 2008.

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