Algarve Hotels Struggling To Find Staff

"algarve hotel news"Hotels in the Algarve are said to be struggling to find staff to fill positions such as cleaners and waiters despite the high level of unemployment in the region as a whole.

A report from the Portuguese news agency, Lusa, found that hotels were finding it increasingly difficult to find people to actually work in the hotels of the Algarve, a situation which appears strange considering that the Algarve has the highest levels of unemployment in the whole of Portugal.

President of the Algarve Hotel Association AHETA, Elidérico Viegas, told Lusa: “Hotels are having great difficulties when trying to hire temporary workers due to the departure of thousands of people from the country, mostly immigrants, who usually filled these positions.”

He added: “This sort of skilled labour in the past was mainly provided by immigrants from Eastern Europe and Brazil but due to the economic situation of the country currently many of these people have returned to their countries of origin, or have sought better working conditions in other countries in Europe.

“These type of employees used to be hired for periods of six months to cover the tourist season but they were then being hired for shorter and shorter contracts which pushed them to leave the country.

“Unfortunately there are simply not enough permanent or longer term jobs.”

He continued to explain that the situation with the people who are unemployed in the Algarve is not helped by the seasonality of the work on offer and the level of the jobs available to workers in the region.

Those registered at unemployment centres “have more qualifications than are required for the positions available and as such are not available to take on these types of jobs.”

He concluded: “It is increasingly difficult to have labour available to meet the seasonal needs of businesses in the Algarve, because these workers are only needed for very sort periods of time in the year.”

in the summer months the population of the Algarve booms with tourists and visitors from across Portugal and Europe flocking to the region for summer holidays and this creates a great need for workers in the service industry.  However in the winter months the number of people in the Algarve falls dramatically resulting in high levels of unemployment at this time of year.

Trying to tackle the swing in the level of unemployment in the Algarve is an issue that has troubled every Portuguese government as it is essential that all visitors to the Algarve receive the highest possible level of service to keep the tourism sector as strong as possible for the future economy of the region.

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