Algarve Krazy World Zoo

"krazy world zoo algarve"For a great day out in the Algarve for all the family then hop into your hire car and head for Krazy World Zoo near Algoz for crazy golf, swimming, animals and even quad bikes!

For most families with children days in the Algarve are filled with trips to the beach or time around the pool but if you are looking for something a little different to fill a day in the Algarve then the Krazy World Zoo near Algoz is well worth making the trip for.

This is not the easiest place in the world to find to be honest but it is worth the effort to find it.  If you travel along the EN125 then turn off near Guia at the sign post for Algoz then you will then continue along this small road until you get to the main town.  In the town there are small signs for the Krazy World Zoo and you just have to trust them even if you think they are leading you the wrong way!  You will eventually head down a small road through some orange groves and this leads you to Krazy World Zoo.

This really is a place for the summer time for the best day out as there are swimming pools here that are great for cooling down on a hot summers day so don’t forget your swim suit and towel but if you go at another time of the year then there is still plenty to see.

Look out for discount offers from local agents before you go and you will get the best deal possible on the ticket price although the family ticket for four people is very reasonable.

Once inside there is plenty to do for children of all ages (and adults too!)

The main draw for many is the large crazy golf course that leads you through woodland areas and across bridges around the park.  The course is not too challenging and younger children will enjoy this as much as older ones especially if you fill in the score card to add some competition to the day!

After the golf you can then head off to the petting zoo to feed the animals including llamas and sheep with little looking posts and spaces to pass over the food you can buy in the park.

Away from the petting zoo there is an area with reptiles including an enormous snake in the snake house that will suitably scare most people.  There are also crocodiles and alligators here while the turtles are great to watch as they swim about in various ponds around this area.

You can buy very reasonably priced food for all the family in the park for lunch and then enjoy a show with one of the animal handlers to finish off the day.

With so much to do the entire family will have a great day out at Krazy World Zoo in the Algarve.

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