Algarve Rated As Cheapest Holiday Destination In Europe 2014

"algarve cheap holiday news"The Algarve has come top of a survey by the Post Office in the UK as the cheapest destination for a holiday in Europe.

The Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer from the Post Office looks at eight essential items and products that are bought by people when on holiday in a destination and totals this cost to come up with the best value destinations in the World.

This year the cheapest place in the world to visit was found to be Bali but in second place was Portugal’s Algarve, making it also the cheapest place in Europe.

Since the economic crisis in Portugal prices have been falling as businesses fight to attract customers from both home and abroad.  Since the barometer was last taken by the Post Office the price of goods has fallen by a massive 18 percent making it cheaper to buy goods in the Algarve than in neighbouring Costa del Sol in Spain.

In total the Post Office looked at the prices of items in 44 different countries across the world with the price for all the items combined in the Algarve coming to only £35.37.

The Post Office found that the average prices for items in the Algarve were as follows; a cup of coffee £0.86, a bottle of local lager £1.29, a can of coca cola £0.86, a glass of wine £1.72, 1.5l bottle of water £0.43, suncream £7.75, pack of 20 Marlboro light cigarettes £3.53 and a 3 course evening meal for 2 including a bottle of house wine £18.93.  This brought the total for the Algarve to £35.37.

While Bali is known for being a cheap destination the basket of goods was actually very similar in price to that of the Algarve and came in at £31.48.

The most expensive place that was found in the survey was New Zealand with the total costs of the same goods coming in at a massive £115.06.

Other destinations that were found to be good value in Europe were the Czech Republic with a total basket cost of £36.82, Bulgaria at £38.46 and the Costa del Sol in Spain which had a basket total of £39.14.

The barometer did not take into account the cost of flights to and from destinations or the cost of accommodation, however the Algarve has seen prices for hotel rooms being slashed, especially in the low season when many bargains are available.

There are also many low cost and budget airlines that fly in and out of Faro airport in the Algarve making it a very reasonable destination ad a great choice for a budget family holiday in 2014.

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