Algarve Ready For Carnival Celebrations

"carnival algarve news"Carnival is almost upon us and the Algarve is ready to celebrate through the streets and towns and cities in the region with parades, balls and entertainment!

In Portugal carnival is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, which this year falls on March 6th.  In the UK we may all be flipping pancakes but in the Algarve it is all about fun, fancy dress and lots of music and dancing in the streets.

The largest celebration for carnival in the Algarve is found in the city of Loulé with the celebrations here being as close to those you will find in Rio on this side of the Atlantic (although of course the parade is much smaller in size and the weather is nowhere near as warm!).

This year the theme of the carnival in Loulé is once again based on political satire so expect lots of comedy over sized heads of politicians and some cutting billboards.  But even if you are not up to date with what is going on in the world of Portuguese politics the carnival is a great spectacle and this year the official parade is said to involve around 500 performers who will be dancing, playing music, dressing up and throwing sweets into the crowd.

The elaborate floats that are on display during the carnival have been being prepared by volunteers for more than three months and thousands of paper flowers are now in the process of being attached to each of the trucks that will transport those in the display through the streets for the thousands of spectators to see.

The cost of creating all of the floats is around 150,000 euros with this amount being met by official sponsors who not only help with the cost of the floats but also the costumes for the performers.

This year the carnival in Loulé will be open to the public on March 1, 2 and 4 with the Avenida Costa Mealha being closed for the parade and entry allowed to anyone who buys a ticket for the day at a cost of two euros per person.

While Loulé may be the highlight of the carnival parades in the Algarve there are also many other parades taking place across the region with a particularly popular one up in the hills of Alte where the parade winds through the tiny cobbled streets and around by the church.  There is also another vibrant carnival parade that takes place in the fishing town of Carvoeiro with the local children of the town taking to the streets on Friday, February 28th for their own small parade with the theme of the sea.

Anyone who is in the Algarve during this time should also remember that while the Tuesday March 6 is no longer an official bank holiday in the country many of the local schools and offices will be closed for the day still.

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