Algarve Tourism Boss Reelected For A New Term

"algarve tourism"The president of the Algarve tourism board, Desidério Silva, has been reelected for a new term as the head of tourism in the region.

Desidério Silva continues as the president of the Algarve tourism board and has pledged to not only try to defend the region but to also work to unite all the different partners that make up the tourism industry in the Algarve.

The primary form of revenue for the Algarve is tourism with many businesses working directly or indirectly for the industry.

Desidério Silva told the Portuguese news agency Lusa: “We are today starting a new five year term in office and this will allow us to consider both medium and long term tourism strategies in the region.

“We need to think about what is most important to everyone involved in the tourism sector in the Algarve and to unite the region in a common goal of success because in the past not working together has led to failure in many situations in the Algarve.”

He added that now is the time to work “without hesitation” towards promoting the region and noted that the tourism market in the Algarve has changed greatly in recent years in terms of the type of customers coming to the region and the tourism products that are now being sought in the Algarve.

Desidério Silva was voted back into his position as presidents with 31 votes in favour, one vote against and one person abstaining from the vote and he has pledged to work closely with both the Portuguese national tourism board, the Secretary of State for Tourism and alongside local Algarve tourism industry players.

Joining Desidério Silva in the Algarve tourism board will be a new executive committee with members of the board including the director of the school of hospitality and tourism of the Algarve, João Fernandes and travel agent Carlos Luís.

Alvaro Viegas from the association of commerce and services in the Algarve region will continue to be the president of the general assembly while Iolete Correia will maintain her position as secretary.

There will also be a new marketing section of the Algarve tourism board with members including the president of the Algarve association of hotels and tourism, Elidérico Viagas, Algarve Golfe president Christopher Stilwell and Élio Vicente from Algarve Anima.

This marketing group will be tasked with promoting the Algarve through effective marketing campaigns both through traditional methods including print and television advertising and also through new methods such as social media including Twitter and Facebook.


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