Algarve Tourism Given Centre Stage

"algarve tourism news"Tourism in the Algarve will be the subject of an upcoming summit to be held in Vilamoura this week with the effects of seasonality and possible solutions to tackle the problem being at the centre of the talks.

Many high profile names will be attending the tourism summit including the minister of the economy António Pires de Lima, Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, Editor in chief of Forbes media Steve Forbes and the president of the World Travel and Tourism Council Michael Frenzel.

The aim of the summit is to bring together leading names in the tourism industry to try and work out how best to promote the Algarve as a year round destination and to also promote the region as a base for residential tourism.

Francisco Calheiros from the summit told the Portuguese news agency Lusa that the future of tourism in the Algarve is paramount to everyone in Portugal.  he said: “if the Algarve is doing well then everyone benefits from this.”

For some time residential tourism has been seen as the future for the tourism industry in the Algarve with leading Algarve resorts across the region working together to promote residential tourism.

Francisco Calheiros continued: “We have all of the conditions necessary to make the Algarve a leading residential tourism destination in the world” and the aim of the experts is to push the Algarve into the top 10 for residential tourism on a global level.

He added that it was now essential for both the pubic and the private sectors in the Algarve and Portugal to work together to promote residential tourism to new markets with particular focus on clients in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India and Russia.

Many commentators in the Algarve note that it is difficult to promote year round tourism in the region when many of the hotels, attractions and facilities are closed during the winter months but while this is seen as a problem for Francisco Calheiros he still believes that the Algarve has a strong future in tourism and that seasonality can be combated to provide a more stable future for the region and the people who and live and work here.

He concluded by saying that in the tourism sector Portugal is competing in the highest leagues with the biggest players on a global level and that this is one of the only areas in Portugal that is at such a high level.

It is hoped that from the tourism summit that new ideas and plans can be discussed to be then put in motion for the future of the Algarve and tourism in the region.


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