Algarve Tourism In Recovery In 2013

"algarve winter sun news"Tourism in the Algarve looks to now be firmly in recovery with new figures suggesting that by the end of 2013 the number of tourists who will have visited the region will be up by more than 200,000 in comparison to during 2012.

The president of the Algarve Tourism board, Desiderio Silva, has said that he estimates that by the end of 2013 the number of overnight stays registered in the Algarve will reach 800,000 with many of the extra overnight stays due to come during the winter months according to the tourism boss.

According to a report by the Portuguese news agency Lusa, Desiderio Silva, believes that 2013 will prove to have been a very good year for Algarve tourism.

He told Lusa: “This year we will record an increase in overnight stays and also very interesting levels in terms of revenue according to the figures we have been given by members in the industry so far this year.”

While the year is not at an end yet, the number of overnight stays by June this year was already at more than 200,000 more than during 2012.

This winter there are already 150,000 overnight stays booked for the Algarve and it is this increase in winter tourism in the Algarve that is of great interest to the tourism board who have been working to fight the seasonality of tourism in the Algarve.

As part of an operation designed to increase the awareness of the Algarve as a winter holiday destination the Algarve tourism board have arranged roadshows to take place during October and November where the message about the fantastic Algarve winter weather and the broad range of activities on offer during the low season will be showcased.

Golf in the Algarve has long been one of the positive factors in attracting tourists to the region during the low season but while the sector is strong Desiderio Silva intends to try and improve the figures in this sector of Algarve tourism further.

He said to Lusa: “The numbers in the golf sector are not much higher than in previous years”, he added that he wants to try and promote other less known sports and nature elements of the Algarve for winter tourists.

“The Algarve has wonderful natural beauty and we fantastic facilities for cycling, hiking, heritage, culture and gastronomy.  We want to enhance the promotion of these elements in the Algarve to run alongside our already strong summer promotion.”

Winter holidays in the Algarve have long been popular, especially with the “snow bird” tourists from Canada but more still needs to be done to promote the fact that the Algarve has 300 days of sunshine every year and very mild winter weather compared to the rest of mainland Europe.

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