Algarve Weather Returning To Sunny Winter Skies And Warm Temperatures

"algarve weather news"One of the main reasons that first attracted people to come to visit the Algarve for a holiday had to be the fantastic weather, not only during the summer months but also into the winter where temperatures remain mild and the weather is generally fair.  However, the usually calm winter weather of the Algarve has lately been displaced by large storms that have wreaked havoc along the coastline and left everyone feeling a little full of the winter blues.

But it looks like finally the poor winter weather in the Algarve has moved on with warm temperatures, blue skies and calm seas making a very welcome return to the region this week.

The first terrible storm of the winter came soon after the New Year when the region was hit by Storm Hercules on January 6th of this year.  This storm may have only lasted a couple of days but the huge waves that were caused by the weather front left many parts of the Algarve and Portugal along the coast suffering major damage.

One of the worst hit areas by storm Hercules was the small fishing town of Carvoeiro which saw enormous waves crashing along the cliffs and breaching the small sea wall with water then flowing in to the surrounding streets and causing fishing boats to be left stranded in the road.

Significant damage was sustained at the beach front restaurant of O Barco and works to repair the damages in the town to the infrastructure are still on going.

The next storm to hit Portugal was Storm Stephanie on 11th February and yet again the Algarve and Portugal coastline was battered as waves breached sea walls and high winds left many trees in roads and damage to buildings and infrastructure.

While most people were lamenting the bad weather across the country there were some who were enjoying it with surfers from around the world travelling to Portugal to try and surf the biggest waves in the world.  Media, crowds and surfers have been gathering in the small fishing town of Nazaré.

It is normal for there to be periods of poor weather during the winter months in Portugal but usually these episodes re not so prolonged as the recent ones.

However good news does now seem to be on the horizon with the sun shining for the first time in two weeks in the Algarve and predicted to shine for the next week with temperatures averaging 16ºc during the day and only light winds and mild conditions.

The Algarve is a fantastic place to visit what ever the time of the year but it always looks its best when the sun is shining and luckily for us it looks like it will be for at least the next week!

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