Argument Between Ryanair and The Tourism Board Continues Over Faro Airport

"ryanair portugal tourism"An argument between the tourism board in Portugal and the low cost airline Ryanair is continuing on with the airline accusing the tourism board of failing to capitalise on the potential of millions of euros coming into the Algarve on extra flights to play golf in the region.

Ryanair had previously released a statement to the press stating that the tourism board in Portugal had rejected their proposals to expand the number of flights from Faro airport in the Algarve.

The original proposal from Ryanair was to provide 35 percent more flights to the Algarve during the winter months which would equal around 70,000 extra passengers landing in the Algarve over the winter.  These extra flights according to Ryanair would represent an increase in revenue in the Algarve during the low season of around €35 million for the Algarve with a particularly positive effect on the local golfing economy as this is the time of the year that golf is most popular in the Algarve.

While Ryanair said that their plans were refused by the tourism board the tourism board released their own statement clearly saying that they had not refused to adopt the new flights but that they had instead “refused” to pay Ryanair the amount that they had asked for in return for reinforcing the number of flights to the Algarve.

According toit he tourism board of Portugal the amount of money being asked for by Ryanair was considered to not be “proportional” to the amount of passengers they were promising to bring to the Algarve in the winter months.

A statement from the tourism board said that Ryanair had already benefited from a variety of different public funds to hold operations in Portugal with particular reference to funds being given for the airline to develop its base at Faro airport in the Algarve.

The tourism board added: “Almost all of the flights that had been contracted with FRyanair for the winter season in the past were cancelled by the airline despite the incentives that had been agreed between Ryanair and the tourism board.  Last year Ryanair proposed new winter flights and routes but cancelled them.”

Ryanair have since hit back at the tourism board saying that their claims are false and asked for an explanation as to “why it had wasted €3 million on golf sponsorship instead of engaging with Ryanair to solve the challenges of seasonality in Faro as promised.”

The newest statement from Ryanair added: “If Turismo de Portugal does not have the authority to engage with airlines to promote flights to Faro, as it has claimed, why did it request this proposal and subsequently reject it?”

Ryanair concluded: “Ryanair rejects thesde false claims by Turismo de Portugal, who instead of generating almost €35 million in tourism revenue by supporting Ryanair’s plan to deliver 70,000 additional passengers at faro, instead squandered €3 million on a golf tournament and the European golf tour?

“Faro has now lost the opportunity for new traffic, growth and jobs after Turismo de Portugal reneged on its recent commitment to solve the challenges of seasonality in Faro and rejected Ryanair’s proposal.”

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