Beach Safety Promoted In Algarve

"beach safety algarve"Beach safety will be high on the agenda in the Algarve this summer as the municipality of Albufeira launches their summer campaign to alert beach goers to the potential dangers facing them on Algarve beaches.

A summer campaign to let people know about the dangers of the beach with a focus particularly on the dangers surrounding the cliffs in the areas was launched by Albufeira council last week.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the cliff protection campaign has been run by the civil protection agency in Albufeira and there are now new leaflets with information about the potential for rock fall and cliff slippages in the Albufeira and Algarve areas.

The official bathing season in the Algarve began on the first of June and before this some of the beaches in the Albufeira area experienced controlled landslides to help to protect people going to the beach year and to lessen the chance of a landslide happening during the summer months.

The campaign will continue to run throughout July and August with members of the civil protection agency taking to the beaches of Albufeira to meet beach goers and to talk to them about the dangers while also being available to answer any questions people may have about beach safety in general.

A spokesman from Albufeira council said that while the authorities had done as much as they could possibly do to protect people from accidents on the beaches in the area it must still be remembered that nature is unpredictable and that people have to respect the warnings and the signs on the beach highlighting where not to sunbath due to the danger of rock falls.

It will be four years in August since the tragic death of five people which occurred on the Maria Luisa beach in Albufeira, the most serious recorded accident to take place on an Algarve beach.  A landslide on the beach saw the cliff collapsing and burying people who lay below the cliff in rubble and rocks.

Beaches in the Algarve are generally very safe places thanks to lifeguards and lots of information but anyone visiting the beach this year should take a parasol with them for shade instead of looking to sit under the cliffs for shade.

Further information about how to keep safe on beaches not only in the Albufeira area but all across the Algarve can be found from the Portuguese Civil Protection Agency.

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