Behold The Wonder Of Albufeira


Albufeira is the castle of the sea, thanks to its location along the Atlantic. This prime tourist destination in the Algarve’s region of Portugal was once a humble fishing town. The city has a wealth of sights for the tourist not to mention plenty resorts where you can lie down after a long eventful day.

The city boasts many beaches from the famous Oura beach to Praia da Falesa. A tour of the city involves visiting ‘old town’ and ‘the strip’ for diverse taste of what the gateway to the Algarve’s has to offer. The old town is lined with restaurants, shops and street vendors from whom you can get cool souvenirs to take home. This is a safe area for pedestrians as there are very few cars (if any) on the roads. This is probably why there are so many open-air discos going down in Albufeira’s Old Town. Bars often have a live band performing every night to cater for the steady stream of visitors to their part of town.

The strip is considered the nightlife hub of the city. Regardless of the vehicle traffic on the road, people throng the strip for a taste of real Portuguese fun. This area is popular among the young because the bars and discotheques always try to match their needs.

Tourists can take an architectural tour of Albufeira to see the reason why it is considered a great destination. The common sights are distinct pale white, tiled homes along narrow streets mingling with modern tourist attractions.

The Tower clock is a remarkable sight, with the single bell in its structure. This impressive bell tower is lit up during special festivities like New year.

Visitors can immerse themselves into Albufeira’s history by visiting the Castle of Paderne. The Almohads as a sign that their occupation of the city would last as long as they wanted built this castle.

Religion is important in this part of the country and one must see one of many churches in the city to understand this fact. The church of Our Lady of the Guide, was built in the 17th century most remembered for its striking images of Our Lady of the Visitation, Saint Anthony of Padua among others.

A trip to Albufeira would be incomplete without sampling some local food. The local specialty is Cataplana, a rich shellfish stew. You will also find simple grilled sardines in most parts of the city.

This is an idyllic location where you can walk for miles without running out of beaches. As you enjoy the sun and golden sand, take a look all around you and be awed by the beauty of the world beyond. It might be hard to bring your car to the city and even more challenging to walk around the entire city.

Bus rides without a guide are not recommended for any tourist because it is easy to get lost that way. For easy navigation about the city, hire a car from us and let our experienced drivers show you around the place. Albufeira is surely a gem along the sea and missing a trip to that land would be unforgivable by ardent travelers.

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