Car Hire Firms Left In The Dark At Faro Airport

"car hire algarve news"Car hire companies operating from Faro airport are still no further forward in reaching a resolution with the management at the airport regarding their working conditions.

Currently there are around 40 different car hire companies at Faro airport who are all working out of a single cabin at the airport and this is said to be posing a problem to these companies who are struggling to provide a high level of customer service to those looking to hire a car from the Algarve airport.

The situation at Faro airport has been slated by passengers who have found it unreasonable that some of the car hire companies are allowed to operate from within the main terminal building while other companies have literally been left out in the cold.

A meeting to solve the situation was due to take place at the end of May to try and bring a resolution to the issue but as yet there has been no final decision from the management company at the airport which has meant that the car hire companies at Faro airport are still not sure about their future and continue to work in conditions that are not good for either employees or for customers.

The car hire companies want to provide a better space for customers to be able to hire cars from Faro airport and the Algarve politician Mendes Bota has spoken out against the airport stating that the airport is imposing conditions that are putting pressure on smaller businesses who are trying to provide a good service at Faro airport.

It is reported that the companies that are not based within the main terminal building at Faro airport are not allowed to enter the building to do business and that if they break these terms then the parking spaces that they have been allocated at the airport will be withdrawn making it impossible to operate.

The vast majority of the thousands of people who hire a car from Faro airport each year have a smooth and positive experience but the current situation is making it more difficult than ever for some businesses to be successful at Faro airport.

Faro airport is currently undergoing massive refurbishment works to make it a more enjoyable airport to use for all the clients who use it every year and it is hoped that the situation with the car hire companies will be resolved as soon as possible to the benefit of all involved.

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