Car Hire in Faro Cheaper Than In France or Italy

"faro car hire news"Hiring a car from Faro airport in the Algarve has been found to be cheaper than hiring one in either France or Italy according to a survey by the Post Office.

The research from the Post Office worked out the cost of hiring a car for a week combined with two extras payable upon arrival (Excess Waiver Insurance and additional driver) and the price of a tank of unleaded petrol and the result were favourable for car hire at Faro airport in the Algarve.

Overall the cheapest place to hire a car was found to be in Florida in the USA with this mainly being because the standard car hire car in the United States already includes a waiver while in Europe this is always an extra.

Portugal came in with an average cost of basic car hire costing £391.85 according to the Post Office survey with 40 litres of petrol costing on average around £59.60.

The most expensive place to hire a car was found to be in Oslo in Norway where care hire for the week would cost an average of £520.40 and a full tank of petrol came to a massive £72.

Also more expensive than hiring a car in Faro was found to be Denmark, France, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and Italy.

The cost of hiring a car in France (Nice) was an average of £403.15 for a week, in Italy (Piza) a week of car hire cost £491.21 and the new popular destination of Split in Croatia saw car hire averaging £429.85 for a single week of basic car hire.

While the average price for a week of car hire was shown by the survey it did not show the fluxes in the cost of car hire according to the time of year you are hiring a car.  In the winter months the cost of hiring a car from faro airport is far reduced while good deals are also available for anyone who books the car hire for their holiday well in advance.

The survey also found that people who did not take out the excess waiver insurance were risking having to pay hundreds in costs to repair minor bumps and scrapes on a hire car.  It was found that a massive 63 percent of drivers hiring a car chose not to take out the extra insurance and only opted instead to pay for the basic car hire fee.

Anyone who does not take out the excess waiver insurance could face bills up to £1,064 in Switzerland and £1,186 in Ireland if their car hire is damaged or stolen.




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