Car Maintenance Tips

"Car Maintenance Tips"Once you make the investment of purchasing a car, you should ensure its longevity by properly caring for and maintaining it. With proper car maintenance, you can not only extend the life of the car, but you can also ensure that the car will be operating at its optimal performance. To understand the needs and requirements of your car, you should thoroughly go through the pages of the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual of the vehicle comes along with the car itself at the time of purchase.

With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid being subjected to breakdowns. If you care and maintain your car regularly, then it will provide you with optimum performance with fewer chances of breakdowns.

There are many things that are part of caring for and maintaining a car, and cleaning is one of them. Here is a look at some tips that will allow you to properly clean and maintain the different parts of your car:

• Car Air Conditioner:

Proper functioning of the air conditioner is very important for the comfort of the occupants of the car, especially while driving in hot and humid weather. In order to get the desired cooling effects, consider the following:

Low Refrigerant: If the amount of refrigerant is low, than the air conditioning works less efficiently.

Dirty Condenser: The condenser is mounted in front of the radiator. This is used for cooling the high pressure refrigerant vapor. If the condenser is dirty, then the airflow from this unit may get blocked, thus causing little cooling to occur. By cleaning the condenser, you can increase the cooling power of your car’s air conditioner.

Blockages: A blockage in the air conditioner can certainly cause less cooling, as well as compressor damage, among many other things.

Air or Moisture Contamination: Any leaks that go without repair, as well as any flaws in the vacuum purge can cause air or moisture contamination, which can interrupt the proper cooling of your air conditioner.

Mechanical Problems: Mechanical problems can include metering valve failures, compressor wear and tear and so forth.

•  Car Brakes

Brakes are a very important part of a car. If the car brakes fail, this can cause major accidents and damages. Problems with brakes occur gradually and can be acknowledged before they actually happen by examining the system.

Hand Brakes: Hand brakes should only be applied when the clutch is pressed or when the car is in neutral.

•  Car Cooling System

The car coolant level should also be checked from time to time. The pressure cap on the radiator should be given special attention. A reduced level of coolant can harm the engine.

•  Car Engine

The life and performance of your car engine totally depends upon the engine oils. The level of the engine oil should be checked periodically. Never drive a car without a engine oil because oil works as a lubricator and if engine oil is not present, then it will result in the breakdown of the engine.

•  Car Fuel System

The car fuel system should be replaced regularly in order to avoid problems with certain components. The components of the car fuel system require periodic replacements:

Fuel filter

Air filter

Spark Plug

Timing belt

•  Car Gears

Have you seen a car without a gear system? No? That’s because this is a very important part of your car and as such, it must be handled carefully. It is very important that when you change your gears, the clutch should be completely pressed down. Check the oil level of the gear box.

•  Car Tires

To avoid accidents, the alignment of your wheels should be perfect. When the tires of your car wear out, replace them with new, good quality tires. The air pressure should be checked often and filled when needed. Lower air pressure badly affects the stability of the car,  and it also causes the car to use more fuel, whereas pressure that is too high can cause a bouncy drive.

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