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"Carvoeiro Car Rental"Carvoeiro is a pretty fishing village in Portugal that has remained virtually untouched, despite being the center of a huge influx of modern villas with verdant gardens and private pools. Somehow, Carvoeiro still retains its local charm.  The village of Carvoeiro is nestled dip between two hills, right next to a beautiful sandy cove. Ringed by Moorish-style buildings and the battle remains of former fortifications, the sheltered beach can get very crowded at the height of the tourist season. The coastline in this area is an extremely lovely mix of golden cliffs, coves, bays and beaches – dare I say that it is probably the most spectacular beach in the Algarve. There are four lovely sandy beaches for swimming or lazing in the sun around Carvoeiro, and other beautiful unspoiled beaches, such as Benagil and Marinha, also known as some of the loveliest beaches of the area, are also near by.

Here are the details about the nearby beaches:

Marinha Beach: This beach is located near Carvoeiro. It has plenty of parking in the clifftop car park where you can leave your Carvoeiro car rental, but beware that it is a steep walk along the coastal path and down the steps to the several lovely beaches. There is a pleasant surprise of a snack bar on the beach in the summer and there is also a kiosk in the car park. This beach is a beautiful stretch of coastline and it also features beautiful cliff walks.

Carvoeiro Town Beach: This is also a very pretty beach, but it can get very busy at the peak of the tourist season. Shops and restaurants are located nearby and they are a great place to pick up your lunch, as well as ices for the children and drinks to keep you hydrated. There are also sun beds and sunshades available in summertime for a small fee.

Paraiso Beach: This usually quiet beach is situated up the hill to the right of the town beach. Just go past Sulley’s Bar and follow the road to the right and you will find a parking area where you can leave your Carvoeiro car rental. The parking lot overlooks the beach, which can be easily reached be walking down a few steps.

Vale Do Covo: This beach is a small, yet pretty little cove that sits just past the Almonsor Hotel. In order to reach the beach, you will have to walk down several step. This beach is quite small, but well worth the trip. Explore the little caves that dot the beach. The cliffs are lit up at night and give a romantic view from the Almonsor Hotel bar balcony.

Centianes Beach: This is another lovely beach that offers plenty of space for sunbathing or playing at low tide. The beach has been recently extended, as some old cliffs have been removed. There’s a good fish restaurant, called O Stop, that overlooks the beach, which has been recently completely updated. In order to reach the beach, you have to traverse down a pathway from a small gravel car park, where you can leave yourCarvoeiro car rental. There are a few steps leading down onto the beach and there are several sunbeds and shades available for use.

Benagil Beach, near Carvoeiro: The fisherman still uses this beach for landing their fish – everyone wanders over to see what is in the catch. There is a little snack bar for fisherman and tourists alike as well as other restaurants up the hill (either side) into the village. But limited parking on the roadside.

Carvalho Beach: This beach is located near Carvoeiro. In order to reach the beach, you will have to climb down several steps and then walk through a tunnel in the rocks. Though the journey to the beach is a bit tedious, it is well worth your while, as the beach is really quite beautiful and is the perfect location to enjoy a day of fun in the sun. There is also a good parking area at this beach, where you can leave your Carvoeiro car rental before you make the trek down to the beach.

The Carvoeiro beaches can be enjoyed at any time of the year, including winter, as the weather is quite nice here all year long.

In summer, it is a remarkably lovely little place. Dining and enjoying drinks is always something that can be enjoyed in this region. There are many good restaurants in the area that suit all tastes and all budgets, and there are also plenty of friendly bars. There are ample shops, a pharmacy, banks, a doctor, butchers, bakers and a news agent; everything you are likely to need. Fresh fish and locally produced fruit and vegetables can also be purchased from the market.

Really, carvoeiro is little more than a large village really, but this area has come a long way since it was discovered by the first tourists who started to travel to the area in the sixties The village has adapted with the times and has taken its growth in stride, without adding unsightly high rise developments that usually spoil so many of southern Europe’s coastal resort towns. Carvoeiro is just 45 minutes drive, with your Carvoeiro car rental, from Faro Airport.

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