Cheap Car Hire In Algarve

"Cheap Car Hire Portugal"The part  of the Algarve that is the most developed and the most crowded is south of the IP1 motorway between Faro and Albufeira. With cheap car hire in Algarve, it is very simple to escape from the bustle of modern life and discover the many different faces of the Algarve.

South of the Algarve´s capital, Faro, is the extensive Reserva Natural da Ria Formosa.  This area is a series of salt pans and salt water lagoons that are separated from the open sea by sandy islands for several kilometres. Many types of marine life live in the warm lagoon water. This marine life attracts wading birds, from flamingos to storks. These birds flap lazily over the roof tops of buildings and build their nests on telegraph ploes, church towers, and ancient olive trees. The Reserva Natural da Ria Formosa is easy to reach with your rental car from a cheap car hire in Algarve.

When you drive further west, with your rental car from a cheap car hire in Algarve, you will discover the river estuaries and marsh systems around Lagos, Portimão and Burgau, which are full of beautiful birds. You can spot, for example ubiquitous flocks of cattle egrets, with their long probing beaks, hunched shoulders, and pure white feathers. You can also enjoy watching the hunting skills of the sparrow hawks and kestrels.

The Algarve is a very important staging post for migrating birds, which pass through the array in October on their journey to Africa. They return the same way in March and April from Africa for their nesting sites in northern Europe. Spring and summer come early here, which makes this a prime location for feeding the migratory birds.

Cape St.Vincent, Europe’s most south westerly tip, is the place to see birds streaming past the cliffs. From large seabirds, such as skuas, gannets, shearwaters and petrels, to swifts, swallow colourful bee eaters and warblers.

The interior of the Algarve is the perfect place to explore with your rental car from a cheap car hire in Algarve. With your rental car, you are able to visit small villages, which you would otherwise be unable to visit by tourist bus. In these villages, you will feel as if you have stepped back in time 100 years. Some parts of these villages are covered in a network of paths and mule tracks, though these parts of the villages are easier to visit by foot. The best time to visit this region is during the springtime, from March to May. During this time of the year, the countryside is covered with beautiful and colorful flowers and butterflies. You will be able to see slopes that are covered with dense orange groves with citrus blossom that bear big white flowers. Rare flowers, including numerous bulbs, many kinds of orchid as well as the petticoat-hoop narcissus are also found here.

Almost every place you with your cheap car hire Algarve rental car will be bright with the beautiful yellow of the Bermuda buttercup. This flower covers almost every inch of uncultivated space that you can see. The sound of cicadas in the undergrowth reaches a deafening pitch and adds to the mystery of the region

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