Churches In Chiado, Portugal

"Churches In Chiado, Portugal"Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. In addition to being the capital of the country, it also serves as a hub or tourism. Many tourists flock here to see the ancient buildings and to take advantage of the many shops, museums and restaurants that are located here.

Chiado in Lisbon is an historical street that offers a lot of excitement and enjoyment to visitors because it offers a lot of fun and entertainment. On your visit to Lisbon, Portugal, you simply must see the “Largo do Chiado,” which is famously known as “Chiado”.

Towards the western side of “Largo do Chiado,” there are two lovely churches build in the Baroque style. The Church of Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao is situated at the right hand side of “Largo do Chiado,” and towards the left hand side, you will see the church of Igreja do Loreto, which is also a famously known as the Italian church. These two churches are really magnificent and lovely and are certainly worth seeing during your visit to the city of Lisbon. Their interiors, as well as the exteriors of the churches are simply mind blowing. The Italian church, or the Igreja do Loreto, was founded by the Italians who lived here around the 15th and 16th century. The church is named after the Mother Mary, as she is worshiped by the people of Loreto, Italy. Igreja do Loreto was used for 100 years before it was destroyed by an earthquake in the year 1755. Later, the church was rebuilt in 1786. You must check out the interior of the church, where you will find twelve side chapels made up of Italian marble.

The sastern part of Largo do Chiado is bordered by Rua Serpa Pinto and is also a part of Rua Garrett. At the southeastern corner, where the Rua Serpa Pinto and the Rua Garrett intersects, you will find the Igreja dos Martires, whose doors are guarded by four street lamps. The church was constructed in the mid 18th century. The name of this church is similar to the “Paroquia dos Martires,” which is situated in Chiado itself. This church was buily by the first Portugese King, Afonso Henriques. Paroquia dos Martires was built to represent the victory over the Moors by Dom Afonso Henriques. When visiting here, you must view the front elevation of the church carefully. The main door of the church features the king worshiping in front of the Virgin Mary and thanking God for his victory.

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