Enjoy your holidays at the spectacular Olhos d Agua beach town


Olhos d Agua is a serene fishing village found in the coastline of Portugal, it covers a total landmass of 15.69km2 and has an estimated population of 3,221 people. Many people visit this chilled-back town to escape from the hustle and bustles of every daily life, most activities occur in the main street that cuts across the town connecting it to the beach and hills that lie nearby. This is a town riddled with palm trees on every corner that you turn, here all your stresses would melt away never to come back again.

Things to do
There are many activities to sample for yourself and the whole family. For instance, in August the county government usually organizes the Sardine Festival which has been running for almost a decade. Visitors have an opportunity of enjoying some fine local deserts and live music performance from local bands, the event usually occurs at Largo dos Pescadores center.

For those that love relaxing by the sea side, Praia d’Agua beach would prove a nice place to chill out. The place is clean and fresh compared to most shorelines around the world since it receives less human traffic. Moreover, the backdrop is accentuated with pine trees and rocky outcrops that further give it a beautiful and original ambiance. There’s also another beach that lies nearby known as the Santa Eulalia, it’s more gentle and ideal for young kids. Olhos d Agua is famed for fresh water springs that can be seen oozing from the rocks that line the horizon, especially when the tide is high.

There are many quality restaurants in this town with most of them serving local Portuguese delicacies, the food is very affordable plus the staff members are friendly and welcoming. One of the most popular bistros is known as La Cigale, it lies right at the main boulevard and features a modern interior décor serving international style cuisines. The restaurant receives quite a number of tourists during high season, which typically lasts from the months of March to November.

La Cigale occupies a serene location right at the beach with spectacular views of the terrace that lies nearby. Specialties include exotic seafood such as fried crab, lobsters and fish including the famed Cataplana. Their doors are open every day from morning to evening.

Those who want to stay for long can rent apartments, they are found in small complex building all across the town. Some of them have private pools that are exclusive to those who have rented space within the area, these water points are perfect for those who don’t fancy chilling at public beaches. Villas are also available for those who have extra money to spend, most of them are found in quite residential neighborhoods with ample security.

Olhos d Agua town offers visitors a quality vacation opportunity at affordable rates, there’s no other place in the world that gives backpackers such great holiday experiences and the ability to save as well. Nonetheless, you can do your own research about this destination before visiting to get more information on what to expect upon arrival.

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