Evora: City Of Golden Age

"Evora: City Of Golden Age"Evora is one of the most wonderful places in Portugal and it is a place that you certainly shouldn’t miss seeing.

Evora is a city and a municipality in the country of Portugal. The city is also the capital of the Alentejo region, which is located in the south of Portugal. According to a survey, the city has been marked as the 3rd most lively city. Templo de Diana and the Evora University are the famous places of Evora.  Evora’s park is also quite a lovely place and it serves as a beautiful setting for taking a walk. The historic buildings and the old town city centre are very well preserved. While visiting Evora, you can view the medieval walls and numerous monuments from the past.

Evora is the best example of the Golden Age in Portugal , after the destruction from earthquake in Lisbon . Evora lies 130 km away from the capital city of Portugal . This is a very important city in Portugal; in fact, it is so important and so historic that this city is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Romans used to call this place the ‘Liberalitas Julia.’ When visiting here, you must see the ancient walls that enclose part of the city and Diana’s temple when you come to Portugal .

The city was conquered from the Moors by the Christian Knight Geraldo Senpavor in 1166 and prospered a lot during the Middle Ages. The court in Evora was the place where royal weddings occurred, and many important decisions were also made here. The monuments in Evora were built by the famous artists of the period, which is now part of the cultural, artistic and the historical past. You can find various styles of architecture everywhere throughout the city. You simply must see this place in Portugal, as the historical center now boasts 4000 buildings.

Evora University was founded in the year 1551 by the company of Jesus. The university has its own significance. The great European masters and royals completed their degrees from this very university. The masters like Clenardo and Molina , graduated from here and after graduation, they contributed a lot in spreading intellectual and religious enlightenment.

The beauty of this city is simply astounding and it mesmerizes tourists. The historic buildings are well kept and their charm still remains as it did when the buildings were first erected. When you are in this part of the country, you must hire a car so that you can explore as many places as you would like to in little time. With the help of a car hire in Portugal, you can get the car of your choice and use it to explore the entire country.

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