Faro Airport Testing New Security System

"faro airport news"Faro airport has been chosen as one of only three airports in Europe to test a new specialist security system.

The airport in the Algarve will be testing a state of the art security system which has been designed to create an integrated system to be able to monitor all areas of the airport for a more holistic approach to airport security.

It is hoped that the new airport security system at Faro airport will allow the team at the airport to respond more quickly to any potential threat at the airport and that it will therefore better protect travellers using the airport in the Algarve.

At the moment the security system is in the testing stages but if it is implemented in the future then the creators promise that it could revolutionise airport security procedures while not affecting passengers in anyway.

The project has cost a total of €14 million with €9 million of the funding coming directly from the EU.

The system is a multi level, multi intelligence system and aims to create a comprehensive airport security system with real time awareness of security threats.

The system is known as the Total Airport Security System (TASS) and while it may appear to be a costly measure to implement at first the cost will hopefully be quickly made back because increasingly security is costing more and more for airports around the world.

In the last decade airports have become a target for security threats which has led to security being increased all over the globe at a great cost and the TASS system is not only hoped to improve overall levels of security but also bring down costs.

The key concept of TASS is to bring together all aspects of the airport into one system.  In total it combines eight areas of security control – cyberspace, vehicles, environment, baggage, cargo, people, facilities and planes.

The system will pull together all the different areas to look for any anomalies and to detect potential threats in a  single system thus cutting down on the chance of missing a potential threat because all areas are covered in one.

Those behind the TASS system chose faro airport to test out the system because it is considered to be a small airport with lots of tourists.

Heathrow airport in England has already trialed the system as a large scale airport and the final test will be carried out at Athens Airport in Greece which is considered to be of medium size.


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