Faro Airport

"Faro Airport"If you are traveling to the beautiful, sun-filled, beach side town of Portugal’s Algarve, then your first stop is going to likely be the Faro Airport (unless you are traveling via boat.) The FaroAirport is the one and only airport that services Portugal’s coastal region of the Algarve.

The Faro Airport is situated right outside of the main city of the Algarve, Faro City – it’s approximately 4 kms away. No matter where your destination in the Algarve is, be sure to stop and explore the lovely Faro City, as it is filled with lovely architecture, history and a vibrant heritage. Of course, if Faro City isn’t your final destination, all of the most popular tourist areas are easy to reach from the Faro Airport, including Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo, Albuferia, Portimao, Lagos and Vilamoura.

There are several car hires located directly in the airport that will take you from the Faro Airport to your destination of choice. With the close proximity to the A22 Highway, the main highway that services the Algarve, destinations within the region are easy to reach, as are other nearby destinations, including Lisbon and even Spain.

Though small in size, the provincial Faro Airport has experienced quite a bit of growth in recent years, as this location in Portugal has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. If you are indeed planning a trip to this region, than you will find that the height of the busy season of the Faro Airport is between the months of March and October, when the Algarve becomes a very popular holiday destination for Europeans and people world-wide.

Initially opened for operation in 1966, Faro Airport began as a rather small airport, as it really only serviced the small population of people who lived in the Algarve region. However, as the Algarve has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over the years, the airport has experienced some significant growth from the time that it was originally opened. In 1989, a new passenger terminal building was erected and in 2001, the entire airport was enlarged.

Since the Faro Airport was named a hub airport for Ryanair in 2010, traffic to and from the airport has grown even more, and this has sparked a new development plan. In 2009, the new development plan for the Faro Airport began, and it is expected that the development will be completed this year, in 2013. This new development plan includes large improvements to the safety and overall use of the airport, with improvements being made to the runway, the infrastructure of the airport, as well as a complete and total renovation of the airport terminal areas. When this new development plan is complete this year, the Faro Airport will have:

  • Increased operational safety.
  • Increased airport capacity, with the ability to service up to 8 million passengers a year.
  • Increase aircraft parking capacity up to 33 positions, which will increase the amount of flights that take off and land at the airport each year.
  • A total overhaul to the airport terminal, making it more comfortable to passengers.
  • A renovation and overhaul and increase in size to the commercial areas of the airport, making these areas more comfortable and useful for passengers.

Presently, there are several international airlines that travel through the Faro Airport, including Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, Air Transat, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Germania, Lufthansa, Luxair, Monarch, Niki, TAP Portugal, and of course, Ryanair, among several others.

The Faro Airport will surely make you feel welcomed to the Algarve region and you will find that your experience at this airport will be an easy and pleasant one.

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