Faro Bike Festival Hailed A Success

"faro bike rally"Organisers of the 2013 Faro Motorbike Rally had been worried that economic difficulties facing many people around Europe may have dampened the enthusiasm for the event this year, however around 15,000 bikers came to the Algarve to celebrate the 32nd edition of the event.

This year the Faro bike rally had less than half of the visitors than that attended the 30th anniversary celebrations in 2011 but this had been expected by the organisers who were more than pleased with the turnout that was still as spectacular as ever on the Sunday of the festival when thousands of bikers took to the streets of Faro for the annual parade around the city.

A large police operation was launched to allow the bikers to pass through Faro without incident and in total the parade took just over 15 minutes and allowed the people of Faro to see the amazing sight of all the bikers as they passed by.

While the police were seen as being very helpful in allowing the parade to pass by with ease the organisers of the event had placed criticism on the police who on the first day of the event had launched random stops on vehicles, with particular emphasis on motorbikes that had held up proceedings for many people who were keen to get the party started in Faro.

That same weekend the Portuguese police also launched their motorcycle operation which saw more than 8,000 motorcycles being pulled over by police for checks.  However the large number of stops did not yield a large amount of problems with only 37 arrests being made over the entire weekend, mainly for drunk driving.

A statement from Faro Câmara praised the event and deemed it an overall success highlighting the fact that there were no incidents of any note registered over the weekend which goes to show that the organisers and authorities worked well to keep the event under control and enjoyable for everyone who was involved.

There had been reports that a group of “Hells Angels” had attacked an off duty police officer on the Saturday night of the event but that this situation was resolved by the security at the faro bike rally with assistance from the local GNR who were also at the scene.

The numbers may have been down for the event this year but all in all the faro bike rally was once again a great success for those involved and a boost to tourism in the Algarve as a whole with many visitors coming from across Europe and other parts of Portugal specifically to take part in the event.

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