Faro Motorcycle Festival Organisers Expecting Few Visitors

"faro motorbikes 2013"Organisers of the 32nd annual motorcycle concentration in Faro are expecting fewer visitors this year to the event which has helped to in the past bring thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts to the region.

The event, which will be starting next Thursday and will run over the entire weekend, is expected to attract around 15,000 people this year.

The head of the Faro Moto Club told the Portuguese news agency Lusa that he believed that the decrease in the number of visitors was due to a combination of factors including the economic crisis in Portugal and Spain, where most of the bikers usually come from, and the tolls on the A22 Algarve motorway.

He said: “The crisis in Spain may have a bearing on the number of bikers coming to the event but we are still hoping to get people coming over from Andalusia as it is near to Faro and the Algarve”.

Last year the popular event saw only 17,000 people attending despite the organisers hoping that they may see 20,000 coming and this year the numbers are predicted to be even less than last year.

This year the event is free to the public for anyone wanting to come to the show area and the bars while if you pay a registration fee of €45 you will be given vouchers for your food while you are at the event and passes to the campsite.

You also have free transportation if you are camping with free shuttle buses operating between the campsite located at Vale de Almas near Faro beach available from 11am on Thursday until 8am on Sunday.

The event is known for attracting big name acts in the past, however this year the reduction in the number of people coming has led to the organisers needing to reduce the costs of the show with lesser known bands now headlining the event.

This year there will be live entertainment from Xutos & Pontapes and Os Corvos while the British band Saxon will also be making an appearance on the main stage.

The Faro Motorcycle festival in the Algarve was first staged in 1982 where around 200 bikers came together for a small event.  Since then it has grown to be the only event of its kind in Portugal and is even included on the international calendar of the International Motorcycling Federation.

Despite the fewer numbers of people attending the event it still promises to be a highlight of the Algarve events calendar and if you are in the faro areas on Sunday it is well worth heading out to the streets to see the impressive procession.

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