"Faro car rental"Faro is the administrative and the provincial capital of the Algarve and has an abundance of historical assets and cultural values. Additionally, Faro is a flourishing university town. This now popular tourist destination began as an ancient fishing village.

The old town of Estói in Faro is home to a splendid Palace. All through the streets of Faro, you can see a mixture of Roman and Arab influences. The city was fortified with the Roman walls in the 9th century. Inside the Roman walls, you can see a Roman cathedral that dates back to the 13th century. The strong walls of the cathedral once survived the effect of an earthquake. Along the back of the cathedral there is a Chapel of Bones that is made up of skeletons and bones that were buried here hundreds of years ago. Opposite of the cathedral stands the Episcopal Palace, also known as Bishop’s Palace. The Palace is an extraordinary set of historic buildings which adds a lot to the charm and culture to the city. Next to the square is the Episcopal Seminary, which was built on the request of the then Bishop Francisco Gomes de Avelar.

Faro is a flourishing university town, which also means that this city is ideal for a night out. The renowned student festival, ‘Semana Académica da Universidade do Algarve ‘ is celebrated in the month of May. The festival week is comprised of presentations made by musicians, DJs and special guests. The festive week is a real party time.

The city of Faro is 7km far away from the coast. Today, the old city of Faro looks beyond the marina and Faro’s estuary, Ria Formosa, which is situated around the coast. Ria Formosa saved Faro from the tsunami, where it remains isolated behind its ancient walls from the growing metropolis. Faro became the capital of Algarve after the tsunami took place. The former capital was heavily destroyed by the flood.

Many of the tourist places and historic places are in walking distance from one another. A short walk from Cidade Velha will get you to Tua do Santo Antonio. Here, you can shop as much as you like, as there are several shops in the area. There are also several restaurants and many other points of interest found throughout this city.

Faro is a very beautiful city and it is certainly worth a visit. So, on your next trip to Portugal, do include a trip to Faro on your itinerary.

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