Ferragudo Car Hire

Ferragudo is a great destination for the more adventurous tourist, since it has not yet become one of the “hot spots” in the Algarve. But it is slowly gaining in popularity although at present it still remains essentially a sleepy fishing village and retains its traditional charm. In fact, when you arrive, the first thing you’ll see will probably be the traditional fishermen’s homes on the hillside “tumbling” towards the river front and people idling in front of cafes at the town square, the Praça Rainha Dona Leonor.


As with most tourist destinations in Portugal, there are many choice historical sites in Ferragudo. The São João de Arade fortress, for instance, was built in the fifteenth century but was renovated at the start of the twentieth by poet Coelho Carvalho into its present appearance. However, it is not open to the public since it is a private residence.  You can also see the remains of medieval watchtowers such as the Quinta da Torre and the Atalaila, which were build to provide early warning of Corsair attacks.  There is also a small lighthouse on the Ponta do Altar cliffs which provides a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Ferragudo Car Hire

Ferragudo’s Notable Beaches

There are a number of beaches around Ferragudo. The main beach is the Pria Grande which is located on the southern side of the town and is popular with watersports enthusiasts, as well as having a windsurfing school. There are also a number of beach bars and restaurants in the area as well as a children’s park. If the Pria Grande gets too crowded during the tourist season, you can try heading for the smaller Angrinha Beach, which is just a few minutes’ walk away. Other beaches in the area include the Praia do Mohle, which can be found just beyond the sea wall, the sheltered beach Praia da Pintadinho which is located just beyond the waterbreak, and the Praia dos Caneiros, which has become an unofficial beach for naturists.

Dining and Resturants in Ferragudo

Once you’re finished with the beach, you can enjoy a delicious meal or snack from one of the many restaurants in Ferragudo. As should be expected from a fishing town, there are many seafood restaurants in the area, including the Pintadinho and the Rei das Prais. But one of the most popular is the O Sueste, which is found on the quay and has great views of Portimão across the Aranda. However, the nightlife is rather sedate, although a popular bar is the Three Monkeys. Those who are looking for a more lively party atmosphere generally go to the Praia da Rocha resort, which is around fifteen minutes drive away.

Activities in Ferragudo

Although there is not much to do in Ferragudo itself, there are many leisure activities that are easily accessible from the town. Golf lovers have access to a number of nearby golf courses such as the Morgado, the Penina and the Alto. There is also a tennis club, the Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis, which is found at Sesmarias, which is between Ferragudo and Carvoeiro. For the children there is the Slide and Splash water park at nearby Lagos, and all of these places are usually easily accessible using a hired car from any Ferragudo car hire agency, or simply by using the reservation form at the top of the page.

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