Final Ship Sunk For Algarve Underwater Dive Park

"underwater dive park news"The final ship to make up the underwater dive park off the coast of Portimão has now been sunk to complete the project.

The Almeida Carvalho ship was the last of four Portuguese Navy vessels to be sunk off the coast of Portimão as part of an underwater park that has been constructed to encourage aquatic water life and diving tourism to the Algarve and Portugal.

One of the orgainsers of the sinking from the Ocean Revival project, told reporters: “Everything went as expected and once again the sinking of the ship was a great success with the ship in the planned position on the ocean floor.”

The sinking of this final ship did see a few initial hiccups in the sinking of the boat which led to a slight delay in the ship being sunk but these were considered to be normal hitches and nothing that the team were overly concerned with.

The sinking of the boat began at 1.55pm, around a hour after the planned time of the sinking.

Before the boat was sunk controlled explosives were placed on board and once these were detinated it was a matter of only a couple of seconds before the boat dipped below the water as the entire ship filled with water.

After around 40 minutes after the boat sunk divers were then sent down to the ship to make an initial inspection and to check the stability of the ship on the ocean floor with it being then given the thumbs up for other divers to now be able to explore the wreck.

There are now four boats that have been sunk off the coast of Portimão to create artificial reefs .  The first two boats were sunk last year and the third in June and now the underwater park is complete.

The total cost of the underwater park has so far been in the region of 2.5 million euros but the Ocean Revival group believe that it will bring huge returns in the future to the Algarve region as a whole with in just eight months there already being more than 4,500 dives on the wrecks registered.

Luis Sá Couto from Ocean Revival said: “now it is time for us to promote this underwater park all over the world to bring tourists and euros to the country and to the local nautical businesses.”

The four ships are located about 1.5 kms from Alvor beach and are sunk to a depth of around 30 metres.

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