Hiring a car in Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz is an ideal place for a family vacation as the beach town offers everything you need to enjoy your holiday without the congested and overdeveloped feel of other tourist destinations.  Heavy development has managed to avoid the town itself and is mainly focused to the west of it, but all the necessities, including shops and restaurants, are readily accessible.

Many hotels and other accommodation options can be found in the central hub of the town, and there are many restaurants and shops that cater to tourists and residents. The town has a main supermarket (the Baptista) where you can buy groceries, as well as a number of mini-mercados. At the promenade, you can go shopping for native handicrafts as local artists set up their stalls there. The promenade also has many bars and places to enjoy a meal or a snack.

Beach Attractions

The town’s main white-sand beach is known as the Blue Flag, which lies in Luz Bay, protected by a wall.  Behind the wall are the remains of Roman baths dating back to the third to fifth century AD, which have been spared by developers. Apart from the beach, there are a number of nearby natural attractions for sightseers, including rock pools at the western end of the bay and the Black Rock cliff to the east.

Lagos boasts of an interesting beach, the Praia Dona Ana, which features many striking natural features such as sandstone cliffs and small sheltered coves. The beach itself is reached through several flights of stairs. Once you get down to beach level, you can hire fishermen to take you on a tour around the grottos or you can simply lie on the sand and luxuriate in the beauty around you. Farther up the road is the Ponte de Piedade, an elevated point which has a lighthouse and overlooks the town, and from where you can walk farther up the cliffs to get some spectacular views.

Nearby Leisure Options

While the town has everything you need, if you are looking for more holiday options you can take a trip to nearby Lagos. The old town has many features of historic interest, including a 17th century fort known as Ponta de Bandeira at the mouth of the harbor, and walls dating back to the sixteenth century surrounding the town. In addition, there is the Church of San Antonio, which dates back to the eighteenth century and features amazing gilt-covered woodwork in its interior, as well as the Municipal Museum, which features many interesting attractions.

There are also many nearby attractions for children of all ages. The Lagos Zoo features many smaller animals in exhibits such as the monkey islands and also has a ‘pets corner’ where guests can interact with the animals. In addition, there is a Slide and Splash water park at Lagoa. If you are willing to drive a little farther out, there is a Blo karting track past Vila do Bispo and just beside the N125, as well as a Zoomarine water park at Guia where you can also go swimming as there are pools open to visitors there.

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