Illegal Algarve Tourist Accommodation To Be Tackled

"accommodation algarve news"With the summer season now well underway in the Algarve the Portuguese government has announced plans to crack down on any illegal tourist accommodation in the region to make conditions better for both visitors and registered businesses in the Algarve.

in the past it used to be popular for many people to come on holiday to the Algarve to illegal villas and apartments all over the region but in recent years it has become illegal for people to rent out their properties for holiday stays unless they have been properly licensed.

The Portuguese secretary of state for tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, has announced that he plans to tighten up the tourism accommodation sector in the Algarve and across Portugal and to bring in great “equality and transparency”.

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes told the Portuguese news agency Lusa: “We have to do something to ensure greater equality and transparency in the sector and to bring in conditions that make it equal for those in the hotel and rental sector.”

Although no plans or details about how this was going to happen were revealed by the minister he added that new plans would be divulged in the coming weeks to try and curb illegal accommodation throughout Portugal and the Algarve.

The announcement comes as members of the hoteliers and rental industry continue to put pressure on the government to crack down on people who rent out their property without the proper papers.

Members of the industry claim that not only are these illegal businesses harming their own businesses they are also potentially putting tourists in danger because they have not been assessed for standards of health and safety.

those who are renting out their properties illegally are also failing to contribute with their taxes at a time when the Portuguese government is tightening their belts and calling in more tax revenue from the population than ever before.

There is a huge amount of legal accommodation of all types available in the Algarve from small, modest studio apartments, to large luxury villas and everything else in between.  Different types of accommodation are also available all along the coast of the Algarve from Vila Real do Santo António all the way along to Sagres.

Any legal accommodation will have a sign outside to say that it is approved but if you are unsure then please contact your tour operator to check on the details or ask the owner of the property directly to produce their official paperwork to prove the status of the property.



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