Increase In Number of Foreign Tourists In The Algarve

"algarve tourism news"New statistics have shown that the number of foreign tourists coming to the Algarve for a holiday during the month of May were up leading to an increase in revenue for local businesses.

Statistics have been revealed from the Portuguese Institute for Statistics (INE) and these have shown that the during May this year there was an increase in the number of nights spent in hotels across Portugal.

In total there were 740,000 more nights spent in hotels across the country during May 2013 than in comparison to the same period in May 2012.

Thew research found that during May there were almost four million overnight stays in Portugal with three million of those being from foreign visitors, an increase from 2.2 million foreign visitors registered the year before.

The Algarve in particular relies on the revenue brought in from foreign tourists to the region so the boost in foreign visitors indicated a positive situation for the south of Portugal.

However, while it was good news in the increase in foreign visitors, which were up by a total of 8.4 percent according to the INE, the number of national tourists was down considerably this year.

The statistics found that Portuguese tourists were down by five percent, which represents a decrease in the number of hotel nights by 194,000 across Portugal.  The current economic climate within Portugal which has seen unemployment levels rise and wages being cut in many households could well be responsible for the lower amount of people from Portugal opting to take a holiday this year, even if it is with the borders of their own country.

Staycations are very popular in Portugal with many Portuguese visitors from Lisbon and cities further north choosing to come down to the Algarve for some summer sunshine or a short break and so the fall in national visitors is sure to have a negative impact on tourism revenue this year.

The results from the INE statistics showed that it was visitors from Ireland who were mainly responsible for increasing the number of over night stays in Portugal during May.

The number of Irish visitors in May rose by a staggering 40.8 percent while those from the UK went up by 22.3 percent and German guests were up by 21 percent.

The positive numbers from the INE will be welcome news to those in the tourism industry, in particular those in the Algarve where the economy is so tightly linked to tourism.

Perhaps this is the sign that the fortune of the Portuguese tourism industry is finally turning for the better after years of decline and difficulties.

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