Jet2 Flights from Faro Offering Chicken Piri-Piri Meals!

"jet2 algarve news"The large British expat community in the Algarve is being cited as being behind the addition of chicken piri-piri opn flights operating from out of faro airport in the Algarve and other destinations around Europe. took it upon themselves to revamp their in flight menu of meals on offer and asked members of the MyJet2 travel club about what they would like to see being served up when on flights.  The results of the survey led to a short list of favourite meal choices with the Portuguese favourite chicken piri-piri making an appearance.

The plan from the company was to give passengers more choice about what they get on their flights to make for a better journey for everyone whether travelling from Faro in the Algarve back to the UK or to other destinations across Europe.

A spokesman from told the English language newspaper The Portugal News: “We asked MyJet2 members to vote for their favourite meals – the dishes they would be most likely to enjoy on one of our flights. Food is obviously a hot topic, as we received thousands of reactions – over 22,000 unique responses. And it’s from all of this feedback that we introduced the meal choices you see today.”

The inclusion of chicken piri piri on the menu is believed by to have a lot to do with the number of British expats living in Portugal and the Algarve: “I’d say the expat community in the Algarve had a lot to do with the popularity of that dish!”

While the menu on the flights may have been picked by many British travellers, the choices on the menu have a very international feel with choices such as Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, Thai Beef Curry and Four Cheese Tortellini joining British favourites such as the All day Breakfast, Beef Casserole and Sausage and Mash.

The overall number one dish as voted for by passengers was not however chicken piri piri buit was instead chicken tikka massala and all the dishes will be available on flights from Faro on flights during the day or the evening – but have to be pre-booked in advance.

Low cost airline operates more than 40 flights each week from faro in the Algarve to the UK and is known for its special offers which in the past have also included free golf club carriage to and from the Algarve and the UK.



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