Lagos Car Hire

Lagos Car Hire

Lagos is a great place to spend a holiday because of the wide variety of attractions and activities that you and your family can enjoy. Before it was a tourist attraction, Lagos was one of Portugal’s sites of historical interest since it was the residence of the Algarve’s governors in the sixteenth century. The remains of the old city walls are still standing as is what is left of the Ponta da Bandeira, the seventeenth century fort that is part of the fortifications that were erected to protect the town.

There are many other historical attractions in Lagos that draw scores of tourists a year. The most prominent of these is undoubtedly the Church of Santo António, which has a richly gilded interior that stands in stark contrast to its relatively simple exterior. Other notable history sites include the Slave Market that lies opposite the church and was the site of slave auctions in the fifteenth century and the Igreja de Santa Maria, which overlooks the Praça Infante Dom Henrique square and was built in the fifteen century and then rebuilt in end of the nineteenth following its destruction in an earthquake in 1755.

Nightlife in Lagos

But what makes Lagos a true draw for tourists is its vibrant nightlife. The Praça de Gil Eanes square is the site for many evening entertainment events as well as being the site of many cafes and bars, many of which stay open until the early morning. If you are interested in sampling the local cuisine, there are many restaurants that can be found in the side streets leading off the square. And during football season, many of the cafes set up big screens whenever Portugal is playing. You can also find bars and restaurants at the Lagos Marina.

Lagos Beaches

Lagos Beach

Of course, for most tourists a visit to Lagos would not be complete without a trip to the beaches. As with virtually any popular tourist destination in Portugal, the town has a number of beaches in the vicinity. The most popular of these is probably the Meia Praia, also known as the half beach, and which has the one of the largest open bays in the continent in addition to soft white sands. The Praia de Batata, or Potato Beach, is a smaller beach which lies between two cliffs and is best known for being the venue of several small music festivals held there during summer.


If you would like to buy your own food or other necessities, Lagos has many shopping options. Apart from having a Lidi and other big supermarkets, there are also many mini-mercados that can be found around town that stock a wide variety of products, including tofu and soya milk for vegetarians. If you like fresh food, there is a daily market which is located in the refurbished fish market which sells fresh seafood and fish in the first floor and fruits, vegetables and bread in the second, along with a restaurant that has a view of the bay. A smaller local market is held on Saturdays in a building close to the bus station and offers cheap fresh food.


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