Ministers Question The Never Ending Work Delays On Algarve EN125

"algarve en125 road works news"Government ministers have once again called on the Ministry of the Economy in Portugal to provide answers as to why the works to redevelop the EN125 road in the Algarve are still yet to be completed.

Paulo Sá of the CDU party in the Algarve has called on the minister for the economy, António Pires de Lima to respond to questions about why works to improve the En125 in the Algave, an essential transport route in the region, have been “abandoned”, however he was not given any response to this question in Parliament.

The En125 runs the entire length of the Algarve from Vila Real de Santo António on the Spanish border all the way along to Sagres in the west.  It was the primary link across the Algarve until the A22 duel carriage way was built.  however the road has once again become the primary route for drivers in the Algarve since the introduction of tolls onto the A22 have left many people opting to use the much slower and more dangerous alternative of the EN125.

The question about the works to redevelop the EN125 was raised while the state budget for 2014 was being discussed by the Portuguese parliament with their being demands made to know when exactly works on the EN125 would be resuming.

It was suggested in parliament that it would be beneficial in the long run for the government to renegotiate the concession for the works on the EN125 to be able to provide a finish date for the works and to renegotiate the terms of the contract to ensure that any money spent on the road was done so with potential returns for the future.

The subcontract to improve the EN125 was approved in April 2009 with the aim to have the entire road upgraded and completed by 2012.  This would have meant that the EN125 could be considered a real alternative to the paid A22 toll road in the Algarve and would give road users better choices in the region.

Some areas of the EN125 are particularly bad with the road from Portimão to Lagos needing serious repair works and also in the Lgaoa area and further along near Albufeira.

There are often major delays on the EN125, especially in the summer months when the volume of traffic is huge thanks to the influx of tourists using the road to travel around the region to various attractions and also to and from Faro airport.

While the issue of the EN125 remains as important today as it did in 2009 there has still been no answer from the government as to their plans for the futue of the road and for drivers in the Algarve.

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