New Calls To Update Algarve Railway

"algarve railway"The Green political party of Portugal have made new calls to renew and update the Algarve railway line – a line which in the past has been described as being the “shame” of the region die to its poor condition and outdated facilities.

The green party have said that they believe it is important that the Algarve railway line is not only updated in general but also electrified to bring it in line with modern rail technology.

A draft resolution about the Algarve railway has been delivered by the green party the  Portuguese national assembly  and in the draft it is recommended that the government carry out extensive renovations of the Algarve railway line, including the doubling of the existing track and the electrification of the entire line.

A spokesman from the green party said: “The Algarve railway line is totally obsolete due to  the negligence of successive governments who have all neglected to do the necessary modernisation on the line over the years leading to a failure in the provision of a railway line for the Algarve.”

The stretch of the Algarve railway line between Faro and Tunes has seen modernisation works but the same can not be said of the part of the track between Tunes and Lagos to the west and then again in the east between faro and Vila Real de Santo António – where the poorest section of the track can be found in the Algarve.

The modernisation of more than 140 kilometres of track is seen to be “essential” for the Algarve according to the green party.

The aperty believe that by improving the railway line in the Algarve this would hep to “promote economic growth of the region to meet the mobility needs of the population and to encourage sustainable development in the Algarve.”

While the tracks themselves are a huge problem in the Algarve the stations along the line are also very dated and need a lot of work to bring them up to standard.

“Issues such as the need for providing rolling stock at stations, improving facilities for users and creating car parks at stations have been postponed year after year,” said the spokesman from the green party.

While the Algarve struggles to maintain any form of rail service the green party are also calling for a new line to link the Algarve and Andalusia in Spain, as previously was suggested in the regional spatial planning for the Algarve but has since been shelved die to the economic difficulties facing the Algarve and Portugal as a whole.

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