New Heliport In Faro To Be Evaluated

"faro helipad news"The local council in Faro are to ask the Portuguese government for their help in legalising an illegal heliport which has been built on the Ilha da Culatra near Faro.

The new mayor of Faro has told the Portuguese news agency Lusa that he intends to contact the Portuguese government to discuss the possibility of legalising the helipad which was built on the island two weeks ago-

Speaking to Lusa, the mayor of Faro, Rogério Bacalhau, said: “We will need to talk with the various entities involved to be able to see if I will be able to talk directly to the minister responsible for the issue.

The helipad was built on the Ilha da Culatra two weeks ago during the campaigns for the local elections in Portugal.  The local people of the island built the helipad themselves arguing that it is an essential piece of infrastructure for the island and could lead to many lives being saved as it allows emergency helicopters to be able to land on the island quickly and safely.

Normally access to the islands is restricted to boat which is sufficient most of the time but it is argued that in serious emergencies a helicopter is what is needed for the islands.

The main problem comes with the fact that the helipad has been constructed in a national park which is protected by law against development in a bid to protect the outstanding natural beauty and environmental resources present in the area.

The new mayor of Faro is in favour of arguing to keep the helipad on the island for the future as a means of helping the local population gain access to emergency medical care.

He told Lusa: “We hope that the helipad will be able to be legalised to help remove the feeling of insecurity facing the residents in relation to being able to access emergency medical care in the case of accidents.

“This feeling of insecurity is what drove the local residents to construct the helipad in the first place and it is the duty of the council to contribute in helping to legalise the helipad.”

While the local residents may feel that the helipad is essential, the League for the Protection of Nature, has denounced the project as being contrary to the protection of the area and the environment in the Ria Formosa.

The helipad could not only be used for helicopters to land for medical emergencies, it would also be potentially possible for visitors to the islands to use the helipad as an alternative means of transport to the islands to boat.





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