Old Town Albufeira

"Old Town Albufeira"If you want to step back in time a few hundred years and get a glimpse of what life was like in the Algarve before cars, before resorts, before tourists and before all of the hustle and bustle, than you are going to want to make a stop and spend some time in Old Town Albufeira.

Though the Algarve region of Portugal is quite a lovely region, a recent boom in the popularity of this part of the country has turned it into a resort town that is filled with newly constructed, modern buildings, such as hotels and restaurants. And, while these structures are all well and good, they can detract from the beauty and the historic value of this region. Many people who visit the Algarve seem to forget, or don’t know in the first place, that this region of Portugal has been inhabited for some time and that there is real history here.

Now, that being said, if you want to experience a part of that history, than head to Old Town Albufeira, where you will feel like you have been transported back in time. Here, you will find narrow, cobble stoned streets that are flanked by quaint restaurants, cafes, shops and museums that reside in historic buildings. Stop into one of the restaurants and dine on some simply delightful Portuguese delicacies, or sit in front of one of the cafes and sip on a cup of coffee and watch the people stroll by. Head into the Old Town Square. Here, you can sit and enjoy as life passes you by, or you can strike up a conversation with the locals, or with other tourists. You may even get to see a street performer put on an entertaining show for you.

In Old Town Albufeira, the people are warm and welcoming and it seems like life is just much simpler. It is a charming location in the Algarve and it really calls to mind the fact that this part of Portugal was once a remote fishing community where people lived and worked and nay but a few sun seekers traveled for a vacation. With the influx of tourism in this area, it can be easy to forget that this was once what the Algarve was all about.

If you want to really enjoy the peaceful way of life that those native to the Algarve can recall (particularly the older generations) and the way of life that this part of Portugal was founded on, than you are surely going to want to experience Old Town Albufeira.

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