Outstanding Modern Architecture Of Parque Das Nacoes

"Outstanding Modern Architecture Of Parque Das Nacoes"Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and this city is known for its exciting nightlife, as well as many beloved monuments. Lisbon has also become one of  Europe’s cosmopolitan centers. The eastern portion of Lisbon is the complete opposite of the old quarter of city. The futuristic architecture in Parque das Nacoes makes the city totally modernized. Many of the contemporary architectures were built during the Expo 98. Expo 98 was the World Fair that took place in Lisbon in 1998.

During the World Fair Parque das Nacoes, the city hosted 130 countries as, well as some international organizations from all over the world. This was the 100th international exhibition that has occurred since 1851. For this international fair, the entire area at the eastern end was rebuilt for the event. This is a really great place to see – no trip to Lisbon is complete without exploring this part of the city. The main highlight of this part of the city is the Oceanarium, which is said to be one of the most impressive and lovely aquariums in the world. Other attractions of the city include a casino, water gardens, a tower, a marina, and numerous bars and restaurants.

In order to take in a view of the entire area, visitors can catch a train that goes by the main city attractions every now and then. From this train, you can easily see the main attractions and catch a glimpse of the beauty of this city. You can also hire a car here and visit the full length of the location parallel to the river. Parque das Nacoes is certainly one of the must see places in Portugal. When you are in Portugal, you can’t avoid the breathtaking oustanding modern architecture of Parque das Nacoes.

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