Places to Stay in Portugal: Vila Gale Praia Hotel


The Vila Gale Praia hotel is situated right at Praia da Gale, about five minutes from Albufeira. You feel like you are lying right by the sea when you are in this hotel because it is located only 2 minutes away from the beach. Personalized services, refinement and total privacy are some of the hallmarks of Vila Gale Praia hotel. The hotel is ideal for couples who want to spend their time resting at Praia da Gale.


The hotel features forty rooms which were designed around the concept of “Ambience and Wellness” and are quite spacious, comfortable and very clean. Additionally, it is very close to the center of Albufeira while being located right by Praia da Gale and therefore, allows you to enjoy both worlds of lively entertainment whilst having the best rest. This hotel is suitable for couples as it provides lodging for one of two grown up per bedroom only. Note that extra beds aren’t available.

The hotel pride itself on its Satsanga Spa which features Sauna, large Jacuzzi, fitness room, yoga classes, Turkish bath as well as body massage and other body treatment services. You are assured of enjoying a unique holiday while you are at Vila Gale Praia hotel and its surrounding; and you can find a car hire or car rental through Yes Car Hire while you are in this hotel.

Service Excellence

If you are looking for a place with nightclubs, bars and restaurants, then this is not your place. Vila Gale Praia is located in a relaxing, quiet semi suburban location next to a fantastic beach. It boasts of very friendly employees who seem to understand and speak every European language and serve everyone, old or young.

Its pool area, located about 2 minutes walk from every room in the hotel, is quite relaxing although you might be disturbed by the constant music some times. There are also employees on hand throughout the day ready to save you as you walk to the bar. Don’t worry if you miss one because people grab them every time they get an opportunity!

As you might be aware, you can find a car hire or a car rental in Portugal while you are staying in this hotel and drive around and experience the great surrounding environment. No matter the number of days you stay in this hotel, always take a different road each day and explore new places.

The hotel offers a range of high quality meals; which are quite affordable, and its bar is very comfortable and serves a number of well made cocktails.

Priority Card Scheme

When you arrive, you will be notified about the �Priority card scheme’, which is free to join and offer you with great value on food and drinks as well as other facilities in the hotel. In case they forget to mention it, tell your server every time you order your food or drink, so that you can enjoy the discount.

This is a nice hotel, perfect for every person looking for a quite relaxing time.

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