Places to Stay in Portugal – Villa Rufino


Portugal is a great country to travel to especially due to the mixed cultural and modern setting. If you are travelling or plan to travel to Portugal, then you need to know where to stay. There are many hotels in Portugal but there are some that are worth checking into. One of the best accommodations is the Villas Rufino. This is a contemporary accommodation located on a hill and only 1000 feet from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. This gives you a clear view of the ocean, something you will love in your vacation. The closeness of the large water body also means that the air is fresh and the climate is amazing for the outdoors.

The Outdoors

Apart from the beautiful ocean view, there are amazing grounds surrounding the property. The grounds can be used to stroll around leisurely or just relax on the well maintained grass. There is a tennis court for people interested in a game of tennis. If you would rather have a swim, you do not need to walk to the beach since there is an outdoor swimming pool and a great environment for resting.

The Rooms

The villas and the studios are airy and the large windows let in enough light to brighten the room which faces the ocean for a perfect evening and morning view. There is a modern kitchen with a refrigerator for cool drinks as the temperatures can sometimes warm up. The room is fitted with a satellite TV for the indoor entertainments and the balcony on the Villas Rufino offer a great panoramic view of the Atlantic and provide enough space for a number of people to place seat and enjoy the sunset.


Some of the other services that you will get at the Villas Rufino include internet which is offered through the Wi-Fi available in public area and is free of charge. There is ample free private parking on site and there is no reservation required. In general the rooms available are geared towards family accommodation and thus are best for a traveling family. The services are high quality with the staff speaking both Portuguese and English for a more personalized service delivery. Children under the age of 2 can get a free accommodation. Booking is easily done online with a safety guarantee. The rates are affordable and this makes it one of the best accommodations in Portugal where comfort meets affordability.

Getting Around

The good thing about staying in Villas Rufino is that you will always have an easy time getting to the property and out to other places. This is because there are car hire companies offering rental cars that you can use to drive around. The benefit of hiring a rental car is that you will drive at your own speed and visit all the different places you are interested in without having to use the public transportation which might be uncomfortable and expensive if it is a large family. If you are traveling to Portugal for a vacation, think about Villas Rufino as your preferred accommodation.

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