Places To Stay In The Algarve – Quinta da Cebola Vermelha

"quinta da cebola vermelha hotel algarve"If you thought the only choice of accommodation in the Algarve was in one of the many hotels along the coast then you would be wrong and the Quinta da Cebola Vermelha boutique hotel nestled deep into the Algarve countryside is the perfect alternative for anyone looking for a break away close to nature but with all the luxuries you would want from a holiday stay.

The Quinta da Cebola Vermelha markets itself as being rural tourism which basically means that it is away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Algarve, when you are in the little hotel you could be forgiven for thinking you are miles away from the rest of the world but in reality you are only a short drive from the golden triangle area of the Algarve, the beaches and the airport.

This family run hotel is located just of the A22 motorway and EN125 and is near to to Loulé but the directions on the website are very good and there are also a good few red painted rocks placed along the route to guide you in!

Quinta da Cebola Vermelha means farm of the red onion and as soon as you arrive you are se the wonderful deep red building that is the main part of the hotel while the next thing you will notice is the very warm welcome from the family who usher you in as if you are a long lost friend.

Each room of the hotel has its own special feel but there is a very nostalgic theme to the hotel with wooden shutters and antiques everywhere you look.

The rooms have no television or sound systems and if you really need your laptop then keep it in your room as this is a place that people come to get away from the rest of the world and as such it is very popular with couples and those on honeymoon.

Meals are served in the evening at the hotel and they are delicious while at breakfast time nothing is too much trouble and you can basically order what you like and it will be served to you in the dining room or on the gorgeous shady terrace.

There is of course a pool and a gym area but really all you want to do while you are here is relax and enjoy the company of those you are with, away from the rest of the world yet close enough to enjoy all the Algarve has to offer.

Nothing is too much trouble for the team at the Quinta da Cebola Vermelha and they will happily arrange unique trips unlike those you would find from other tour operators including meals at insider only restaurants and fishing trips with the locals.

The Quinta da Cebola Vermelha provides an Algarve experience like no other and is certainly one to put on the wish list –make sure to book early though as after 10 years this place has gained an amazing reputation and rooms can be hard to come by at peak times of the year!

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