Places To Visit In The Algarve – A Local Market

"places to visit algarve market"The best place to soak up some real Algarvian atmosphere is to head down to your local market and luckily there are plenty to choose from across the Algarve and all filled with exciting and unusual products and people!

When you are visiting the Algarve you will probably venture out to a restaurant or two while you are in the region.  If you try some of the more traditional dishes on the menu then you will notice that there is often a heavy slant towards seafood if you are near the coast or towards hearty meat dishes if you are further inland. If you want to be able to recreate any of these dishes or are simply looking for an authentic Algarve experience then venture down to your local market.

Large towns and cities have permanent markets that are open usually 6 days of the week and sell a variety of fresh produce including fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.

One of the most famous fish markets in the region has to be the one found in Olhão, it is very easy to spot because it is on the water front and is a striking red building.  Another very popular market is found in Portimão and although this is a modern building and far less charming than others it has a fantastic variety of produce on offer.

Weekly and monthly markets also take place in smaller areas and these markets are not just focused on selling produce – they sell everything from handbags to garden equipment and everything in between!

At the open air markets be prepared to do some haggling to get a good price while in the established permanent markets the prices are usually fixed (although it is always worth a try!)

Markets are a fantastic place to meet the local Algarve people and to discover new ingredients, cuts of meat and fish and to experiment with cheeses, preserves and exotic fruits and vegetables.

Make sure to go down to the market as early as possible in the morning to get the best choice of what is on offer and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure – the people in the markets will be more than happy to help wherever they can!

To find your nearest local market either for fresh Algarvian produce or for great deals and bargains, visit your nearest tourist information point where a list of all the markets and the dates that they are held can be found.  The staff can also point you in the right direction for the permanent markets in the larger towns across the region.

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