Places To Visit In The Algarve – Arte Algarve Lagoa

"arte algarve gallery"The fantastic natural beauty, perfect light and huge choice of inspiration at every corner has made the Algarve a paradise for artists with many living permanently in the area or for prolonged periods throughout the year.

While there are many artists living and working in the Algarve it can be hard to see all the different works that they are producing thanks to many small exhibitions taking place all across the region and at different times and this is why the Arte Algarve gallery in Lagoa is the ideal place to experience some of the great art of the Algarve first hand.

You do not need to have an in depth knowledge of art to feel at home at the gallery thanks to the relaxed atmosphere and family friendly space where you are under no pressure to buy anything if you don’t fancy it.

All the pieces on display are for sale but the mantra here is “affordable art” so if you do see something that takes your interest then you won’t need to mortgage out your house if you want to buy it.

The gallery itself is the largest private collection of its kind in the area and is housed in the working winery in Lagoa on the En125.

It is really easy to find by driving along the EN125 from wither the east or the west and then when you get to Lagoa look for the bus station on one side of the road and the winery and gallery on the other side of the road.

There is a real mixture of art on display with exhibitions rotating every two months.  Be ready to discover new artistic talent from local painters and artists on display with pieces and sculptures from well established artists of all nationalities.

While you are at the gallery you can always buy a couple of bottles of the local wine from the winery below or even organise to return to the winery for a tour around with one of the members of staff who will be more than happy to show you how the wine is made and then let you test some of the wines yourself in a tasting session.

This is also a great space for parties and at Arte Algarve their are often events held throughout the year with live music and food combining with the art and family feel.

Arte Algarve is far more than just a gallery, it is a way of life embodied in the building itself and demonstrated through the beautiful art on display.  Even for the unconvinced it is well worth a trip to Lagoa to visit the gallery and see what all the fuss is about.



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